What Kind of Organizer Are You?

You say you want to be more organized. You say the constant clutter drives you crazy. Clearly, your problem is disorganization.

And the only way to attack disorganization is with a plan. For example, maybe you have an “everything storage” utility closet. You decide that today is the day you’re going to clean it out. But you see the paint cans, the Christmas decorations, and your husband’s motorcycle helmet... And it’s too overwhelming for this afternoon.

As you can see, organization becomes overwhelming when you don’t have a plan. What’s worse, your storage spaces stay cluttered and messy.

How do you find an organization plan? First, you need to know what kind of organizer you are.

Not all organization preferences are the same. Different people work better with different systems. You might feel calmer when you can see everything in your pantry while your friend might rely on labeling systems. So, before you take on any home organization project, ask yourself…

What Kind of Organizer Am I?

Labels on boxes

The Classifier

In a past life, you might have been a librarian or a botanist. You love labeling things! There’s no better feeling than walking into a pantry and reading exactly what’s in each box and jar.

If you’re a classifier, you’ll want large shelves that can fit boxes and storage tubs. Some common examples of classifiers are cooks, crafters, miniature model hobbyists, and parents who homeschool.

The Color Coordinator

If you’ve said something like this, or if you’ve brought a color wheel with you when shopping for furniture, you’re probably a color coordinator. You use color to set the world right and enhance the entire mood of a room.

Remember, organization isn’t just about where you store items; organization is about achieving a general sense of order and contentment. Peace of mind depends on whether the couch nicely accents the wall. You know that color plays a major role in organization!

Color coordinated closet
Organized baskets in a closet

The See-It-All

You’re a fan of the big picture. When you walk into your closet, you want to see your outfit options all at once.

You’re not a fan of digging through drawers or pushing aside hangers like you’re exploring the Amazon
Rainforest. You don’t even like highly organized boxes and files since their contents are hidden.

In fact, you would probably love a space with as little fuss as possible. At your core you desire to see all your options at once. When you can see all your outfit combinations, getting dressed for that cocktail party becomes a breeze.

The Reacher

Do you appreciate the phrase, “Out of sight, out of mind?” Then you might be a Reacher.

You don’t mind keeping seldom-used items on the top shelf or behind doors. Take holiday decorations, for example. You only use them once a year, so why would you look at them every time you need the vacuum?

Pots in a drawer
Minimalist closet organization

The Minimalist

Have you ever asked, “Who needs more than one pair of shoes?” Do you dream of living off the grid in a tiny home? Then you might be a Minimalist. Efficiency is the name of your organization game.

And maybe you’re not so extreme when it comes to paring down possessions. Maybe you need a living space to have multiple uses — for example, you love the functionality of an entertainment center but need it to not look overwhelming.

Whatever your level of minimalism, you’ll benefit from utilizing the spaces within your home in efficient and clean ways. It’s all about function and style for you.